stronger together

SPR Abrasives is the result of a collaboration between three well-known companies in the superabrasives industry. Despite their vast differences, these companies can create massive synergy by working together. Their diverse activities, interests, geographic locations and backgrounds can strengthen one another. And it surely helps that the owners and employees have known each other for years or even decades, and they already share a strong mutual trust.

What to expect from SPR?

Among the first products available will be CBN powders, Resin bond powders and Metal Bond powders, both in mesh and saw grit sizes. The necessary micron powders will also be offered and SPR will distribute natural diamond powders.

All abrasives undergo a fusion process first in the in-house facilities in Berlin. They are then sifted and tested for strength. Afterwards, they can be custom-coated with the desired metal to meet the customer’s unique needs. Despite these extra quality injections, the entire product range will be offered at competitive prices. SPR intends to work closely with its customers to develop customized coatings and continually set new standards for innovation. SPR is always happy to collaborate with customers to create the ideal solution.

Moreover, SPR offers some exclusive services in Europe. Customers can have products they bought elsewhere or old stocks cleaned or sifted and subjected to the same rigorous tests at SPR laboratories. A crucial service is the reclaim, where customers can recover their powders used in electroplating from the waste liquids. This makes it possible to reuse these materials, which is much cheaper than purchasing new powders.

The team

Daniel Härtig

General Manager, Germany

Daniel was Managing Director of an international law firm with a strong focus on IT and service processes. A few years ago he joined the family-owned Vollstädt-Diamant GmbH which allowed him to build up a remarkable industrial diamonds expertise. With his strategic and analytical thinking, his high quality standards, and his consistent focus on efficient work processes, he is determined to actively shape SPR’s growth and impact.

John Chalvadakis

Sales & Operations, USA

John has 20 years of experience in superabrasives, including operations, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and international trade. His expertise on the global market and production for industrial diamonds and CBN will benefit SPR’s growth and success.

Chris Danielak

PCD/PCDN Applications, USA

With a career spanning over 40 years, Chris Danielak is a recognized leader in the superabrasives industry. He founded American Superabrasives, offering expertise in natural and synthetic diamonds, CBN, PCD, PCBN, CVD, and more, all while owning and managing ANCO Diamond. Chris’s pioneering contributions continue to shape the industry.

Ute Härtig-Vollstädt

Operations, Germany

Ute Härtig-Vollstädt has more than 20 years of experience in the diamond industry and is managing director of Vollstädt-Diamant GmbH. With her extensive experience in operating production environments, her strong service orientation and attention to detail, she makes a significant contribution to SPR’s success.

Stefan leemans

Sales & Marketing, Belgium

After several years working in the jewelry industry, Stefan’s career took an unexpected new professional direction in 2021, bringing him closer to the family’s core business of natural industrial diamonds. The time has come to take an active role in the diamond community and pursue the continuation and expansion of the family business at Gemmata through SPR Abrasives.

Jan Leemans

Managing Partner, Belgium

Jan Leemans, founder of Gemmata NV, is a dedicated professional with over 40 years of experience in the superabrasives industry. A strong work ethic, attention to detail and extensive diamond knowledge have earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and peers alike. His remarkable contribution to Gemmata is a testament to his passion for natural industrial diamonds.

Jörg Frenzel

Development Engineer, Germany

Jörg Frenzel is the go to development engineer for superabrasive powders. In his almost 25-year career in the diamond industry, he has acquired an extraordinary expertise that covers every technical detail, no matter how small. In addition, he has extensive experience in quality assurance and application of superabrasive powders, from which SPR’s customers will benefit.

The 3 Partner companies

American Superabrasives
Corp. (ASC)

located in Sarasota, USA, is an industry leader in quality assured superabrasives products and services. For over 30 years, they have provided top-notch materials and support to customers at competitive prices. Their state-of-the-art facility and experienced professionals are committed to delivering reliable, consistent results with unmatched quality control. American Superabrasive’s commitment to researching, producing, and distributing superior superabrasive materials has established them as a trusted partner in the industry.


is a well-trusted supplier for natural industrial diamonds, based in Antwerp, Belgium. The company is well-known for its impeccable customer service and has a strong client base that was built up over the past 40 years. Based in the heart of the Antwerp diamond district, they offer the best natural industrial diamonds and powders the market has to offer. Even today, every indivual diamond is sorted manually for optimal result and customer satisfaction.


operating from Berlin, Germany, probably needs little introduction in the diamond industry. This manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools and superabrasives machinery has over 30 years of experience. VDiamant strives to create products that meet the highest quality standards. Their team of skilled professionals and their cutting edge technology enable them to continually develop innovative solutions for customers worldwide. They take pride in their commitment to excellence and are continuously setting new standards for the industry.