CVD Cutting Tool Blanks

Utilizing DC arc Plasma Jet technique to create cutting tool blanks with a high concentration of atomic hydrogen, leading to exceptional thermal conductivity. This makes them suitable for heavy-load, high-speed cutting operations. The polycrystalline material produced through this method has a low friction coefficient, increased fracture strength, and increased thermal oxidation resistance, making it an ideal option for high-performance cutting. Additionally, the thick-film CVD diamond technology, developed with dedicated efforts and stringent quality control measures, allows for a comprehensive range of CVD diamond products suitable for cutting tools.

CVD diamond cutting tools are extensively used for machining non-ferrous materials, ceramics, abrasive composites, high silicon-content aluminum alloys, graphite, and other challenging materials. These tools are recognized for their outstanding performance in cutting difficult-to-machine materials, making them a preferred choice in the industry.

CVD Diamond for Dressing Tools

The DC arc Plasma Jet method produces dressing logs with a high concentration of atomic hydrogen, resulting in significantly enhanced thermal conductivity, even at rapid growth rates. This feature is beneficial for high-speed dressing operations. Additionally, these logs have improved fracture strength, toughness, and thermal oxidation resistance, making them ideal for high-performance dressing. Their polycrystalline growth also ensures orientation independence.

In tool fabrication, our CVD diamond dresser blanks perform better due to their excellent thermal properties and strong resistance to thermal oxidation. They are well-suited for secure mounting in traditional non-ferrous metal sintering processes. Alternatively, these CVD diamond dressers can be brazed onto a dresser body using an active braze alloy in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Our CVD diamond dressers are available in standard rectangular log of different lengths and cross-sectional dimensions. Additionally, we offer CVD diamond dresser products with custom dimensions upon request.


Products Grade Standard quality grade:

  • Suitable for common diamond dresser tools
  • High quality grade: high wear resistance to be the substitute of nature and cultured diamond
  • Customize according to your need

This high-quality (HQ) grade offers exceptional wear resistance, making it an excellent substitute for both natural and man-made diamonds.

CVD properties

Standard Grade
High Quality Grade
Vickers hardness7000-10000kg/mm210000kg/mm2
Young’s modulus1000-1100GPa1100GPa
Thermal conductivity>1000W/m.K>1500W/m.K
Chemical stabilityNot soluble in alkali or acid.  Not soluble in alkali or acid.  
Wear Resistance Ratio36.2-57.557.6-88.3