Introducing the QBN-Series

A range of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) grades that perfectly complements the widely acclaimed QBN Series, known as the ultimate benchmark for machining hardened steel, cast irons and powdered metals.

With improved edge toughness and superior resistance to cratering and abrasion, the QBN Series offers unmatched performance. 

Experience consistent and repeatable tool life from continuous to high-interruption applications effortlessly. Choose QBN-Series for optimized machining results.

Carbide Backed PCBN Polycrystalline blanksBinderContentGrain SizeDescription
QBN601TiN60SUB 1 μmQBN601 offers exceptional toughness, thermal stability, and wear resistance. It delivers an excellent surface finish, making it ideal for heavy interrupted machining of high-speed hardened steel.
QBN502TiN/TiC502 μmQBN502 provides good impact resistance, chemical stability, and surface finish when continuously turning hardened steels at high speeds.
QBN602TiN/TiC602 μmQBN602 exhibits excellent wear resistance, high toughness, and impact resistance. It is specifically designed for precision machining of slightly to moderately interrupted hardened steel. It is also suitable for working with hard and fragile materials.
QBN702 Ti (C,N)702 μmQBN702 is known for its exceptional durability and impact resistance. It is perfect for precision machining of moderately to heavily interrupted hardened steel.
QBN803TiN803 μmQBN803 offers high strength and impact resistance, making it suitable for roughing and finishing super alloy materials.
QBN951TiN902 μmQBN951 exhibits good robustness and thermal stability. It is a reliable choice for roughing and finishing grey iron, ductile iron, and powdered metals.
QBN953TiN903 μmQBN953 is highly wear resistant, and offers good thermal stability and chemical stability. It is a recommended option for roughing and finishing grey iron and white cast iron.

Double-sided PCBN

Our Double-sided PCBN tool, featuring a tungsten carbide core sandwiched between PCBN materials, provides superior impact strength and bonding quality. Compared to traditional solid PCBN tools, our highly rigid PCBN tools offer enhanced performance and durability. Experience the benefits of our advanced PCBN technology for all your machining needs.

High CBN-content PCBNDouble-sided PCBN Cutting Tool Applications
QBN951DBrake drum turning is ideal for achieving excellent results in turning applications. TiAl₆V₄ is exceptionally suitable for such purposes, offering exceptional performance. When it comes to internal gear turning, you can expect a very good surface finish. For ball nose end milling materials at 62HRC, you’ll experience extremely high edge-stability and improved surface quality. Lastly, sintered powdered metal gear turning is highly recommended.
QBN953DCylinder boring of gray cast iron and turning of nodular cast iron are vital processes in metalworking. The latter, with a hardness of 38-42 HRC, exhibits excellent cylindricity and enables higher feed rates compared to alternative tools.

Low CBN-content PCBNDouble-sided PCBN Cutting Tool Applications
QBN601DImplementing a combination of moderate interrupted hard turning, finish hard milling, and high-speed continuous turning can yield exceptional surface finishes on workpieces while enhancing the durability of cutting tools.
QBN501DPerforming precision grooving on cam shafts and surface milling of cold work tool steel. Additionally, executing interrupted turning on gear shafts.
QBN603DOptimize the continuous and interrupted turning processes on hardened steels and valve seats.

Solid PCBN

Introducing our range of high-quality Solid PCBN materials in standard sizes – round, square, diamond, and triangle shapes. Available in 3.2mm and 4.8mm thicknesses, with the option for custom sizes and thicknesses up to 8mm upon request. Enhance your machining capabilities with our precision-engineered PCBN solutions. 

Solid PCBNBinderContentGrain SizeDescription
QBN135TiN603 μmQBN135 is designed for precise machining of hardened steels like bearing, steel, and die steel at medium to high speeds, even with moderate interruptions.
QBN115AL8525 μmQBN115 is ideal for roughing and finishing alloy cast iron and alloy cast steel in demanding environments, such as slurry pumps, rollers, and mining machines.
QBN100AL9010 μmQBN100 is specifically designed for high-speed machining of gray cast iron and chilled cast iron, making it perfect for engine cylinders and covers, among other applications.
QBN125AL9325 μmQBN125 is great for finishing gray cast iron and high-temperature alloys, such as those found in aerospace engines, at high speeds.
QBN102AL932 μmQBN102 is optimized for high-speed machining of alloy cast steel (e.g., brake drums and discs), cast iron, and powder metal alloys.

Workpieces and Products Machined
with PCBN Tools

Workpiece MaterialsIndustrial UseTypical Products
Carbon steels  ( > HRC 36)Automotive, Transportation, Aircraft, Power Drive,Shafts, Gears, Bearings, Dies, Molds, Molds
Alloy Steels ( > HRC 36)Tools, Appliances, General Industry
Tool Die Steels ( > HRC 36)Stamps and RollersDies, Steel Mill Rolls
Gray Cast IronAutomotive Powertrain, Diesel/Heavy Equipment,Clutch Plates, Brake Rotors/Drums, Cylinder
ASTM Class 25-40 ( <200 HB )H\/AC, Utility EnginesBlocks, Flywheels, Heads
Gray Cast IronHeavy Machine Tools, Paper Mill Drier Rolls,Camshafts, Valve Bodies, Dies, Gears
ASTM Class 50-60Chemical Proc. Equipment, Pressure Vessels
White/Alloy Cast IronSlurry PumpsImpellers, Casings, Valve Guides
Nickel or CobaltHeat Exchangers, Gas Turbine EnginesTurbine Blades, Vanes, Shrouds, Housings,
High Temp. AlloysProcessing Medical, Autoclaves, Hubs, Hip Joints
lnconel, Waspalloy, StelliteAerospace Machinery Industry
Iron Base High Temp. AlloysOil and Gas, Nuclear PlantsPipe/liners, Fuel Rod
Sintered IronAutomotive, Diesel/Heavy EquipmentValves Seats, Hydraulic Pumps, Gears, Cam Lobes
Hard Facing AlloyOil/Gas, Gas TurbineExtrusion Screws, Turbine Housing Case
Hardened SteelsEngines, Motors, PumpsBearings/Housings, Compressor Hubs, Shafts