Coating service

At SPR, we offer a comprehensive range of metal coatings for Diamond and CBN crystals to enhance their lifespan and performance. Our metal coatings not only improve bond retention and thermal conductivity but also provide protection against thermal degradation. With options like Standard Nickel, Spiky Nickel, Nodular Nickel, Silver, Copper, Titanium, and Dual Layer Ti/Ni, we cater to various grinding applications. These coatings excel in high-force grinding, tungsten carbide grinding, polyimide resin bonds, dry grinding, and heat dissipation. Trust SPR for superior quality and optimized custom coatings for your grinding needs.

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Cutting Services with EDM & Laser Technologies

At SPR, we utilize cutting-edge EDM and Laser technologies to provide precise cutting solutions. Our services ensure the highest level of quality and reduce internal processing time. Each piece undergoes a thorough cleaning and visual inspection to meet your exact requirements.

Our precision cutting capabilities cover a wide range, including PCD & PCBN blanks with standard and custom shapes, through holes, tight tolerances, relief angles, and carbide chamfers. Trust us for exceptional cutting services that optimize your productivity and deliver outstanding results. 

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  • Shape sorting
  • Magnetic sorting
  • Electrostatic sorting
  • Screening (grain size)
  • Cleaning and preparation
  • Tailored grit preparation
  • Final quality control
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  • Grain size
    Laser Particle analysis with Coulter LS-230 and Microtrak
    Image analysis with VDiamant DiaInspect-S, DiaInspect-P and DiaInspect OSM
    Test sieving with woven or electroformed sieves with Ro-Tap or Retsch AS200
  • Grain shape
    Image analysis with VDiamant DiaInspect-S, DiaInspect-P and DiaInspect OSM
  • Grain strength
    Fracture strength with VDiamant DiaTest ASM
    Thermal strength with VDiamant DiaHeat
    Toughness index and thermal toughness index with Friability-Test TI, TTI and T50
  • Magnetic inclusions and impurities: REM
  • Binder composition at diamond tools and segments: EDAX
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Reclaiming used material can make a difference. It’s considered a next level approach to reduce our ecological footprint and it can also be a very economical alternative. At SPR we aim to address your requirements wherever possible. Depending on the condition of your used material we are happy to provide you with a potential solution to reuse your own material. Please reach out to us for more information.

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