Stuttgart, May 14 to 17

Two weeks ago, the SPR team gathered in Stuttgart for a visit to GrindingHub. It was an engaging and highly valuable experience. The team made numerous interesting contacts and met many old acquaintances from the superabrasives’ sector. SPR’s story quickly and notably captured the attention of many.

The diverse backgrounds and levels of experience of Daniel, John, Stefan, and Jorg, combined with the variety of products and services offered by SPR, ensure that SPR can always provide a solution or answer to any question, no matter how diverse. Whether it’s about testing and certifying products, production, CBN or diamond powders, PCD, CVD or other solids, reclaim or plating, SPR has the necessary expertise.

The promise of the new state-of-the-art plating and quality control facility in Berlin generated a lot of buzz and interest from local European companies. It has become clear that this combination could potentially be a game-changer in the industry.

This visit not only resulted in valuable connections but also strengthened SPR’s position as an innovative and promising player in the market. The reactions and feedback from the visitors indicate that SPR is on the right path to reach new heights with its services and products. With confidence in SPR’s quality, competitive prices, and service standards, SPR can serve as a reliable supplier amidst the current market challenges.