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Our superabrasive powders stand at the forefront of industrial innovation, providing unmatched durability and grinding efficiency for a variety of applications. At SPR Abrasives, we pride ourselves on delivering superabrasive powders that set the industry benchmark for quality and performance. Our powders are engineered to meet the demanding needs of modern manufacturing, offering precision and longevity where it matters most.

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Our superabrasive powders: unmatched variety and quality

As an experienced diamond powder manufacturer, SPR Abrasives offers a comprehensive range of superabrasive powders tailored to specific industrial needs. Our selection includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Cubic Boron Nitride Powder: Our CBN range is superior for applications in automotive and aerospace industries, offering exceptional thermal and chemical stability for grinding applications.
  • Resin Bond Mesh: Our RB-G series is ideal for vitrified and resin bond systems (phenolic and polyimide) and enables a free cutting action with nonferrous materials, such as tungsten carbide, glass, and various ceramics. Combined with a metal coating, it increases tool life and particle retention.
  • Diamond Micron Powder: Perfect for polishing and fine finishing, delivering unparalleled precision and surface quality. These products are recommended for use in resin bond (phenolic), vitrified bond, and electroplated bond systems.
  • Electroless Nickel Coated Diamond Powder: Our metal coatings not only improve bond retention and thermal conductivity but also provide protection against thermal degradation. These coatings excel in high-force grinding, tungsten carbide grinding, polyimide resin bonds, dry grinding, and heat dissipation.
  • Metal Bond Mesh: Glass, stone and electronics stand no chance against grinding tools coated with SPR’s MB-G diamonds. These products are engineered to perform in all bond systems and are ensured to have a high abrasive resistance and thermal stability.
  • Metal Bond Saw Grit: Our MB-S diamonds are uncoated, synthetic industrial diamonds, perfect for stone applications in the construction industry. Use it in various tool-applications to saw, grind or drill through concrete, glass, stone, and asphalt.
  • Natural Mesh: These products offer unbeatable strength and cutting capabilities for grinding applications and electroplated tool products. NDG-M is the ideal solution for targeted grinding and polishing.

Rely on SPR Abrasives for high-quality, customized superabrasive powders, designed to meet the unique challenges of your manufacturing processes.

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Discover the full potential of industrial diamond products for your enterprise by partnering with SPR Abrasives. As a superabrasive manufacturer, we are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and delivering superabrasive solutions that drive efficiency, quality, and innovation. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for enhancing your manufacturing capabilities with our superabrasive powders.

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