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Electroless plated diamond, a cornerstone product manufactured by SPR Abrasives, represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology in superabrasive coatings. Through an advanced electroless plating process, diamond particles are meticulously bonded to metal substrates. This innovative approach ensures that each electroless plated diamond tool meets the rigorous demands of high-performance industrial applications for precision, efficiency and durability.

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The unmatched advantages of an electroless plated diamond

Electroless plating enhances the properties and performance of diamond abrasives in several ways. Through an electroless chemical process, we coat diamond particles with a thin layer of metal, such as nickel. The benefits of these electroless plated diamonds are manifold:

  • The metal coating enhances the mechanical bond between diamond particles and the tool matrix, improving retention and tool life.
  • The coating improves the protrusion of diamonds from the tool surface, leading to faster material remove rates.
  • An electroless plated diamond superabrasive powder is also better for thermal conductivity as the coating helps dissipate heat from the cutting or grinding zone, reducing the risk of thermal damage to both the tool and the workpiece.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise as a coatings manufacturer, we are able to provide our customers with various solutions tailored for specific applications, from precision cutting and polishing to rough grinding.

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For businesses seeking unparalleled quality in superabrasives, SPR Abrasives stands at the ready to incorporate our knowledge into your enterprise. Explore the possibilities that our electroless plated diamond materials offer. Our specialized services, unique in Europe, and commitment to excellence make us the enterprise of choice for those in need of premium, precision-engineered superabrasives. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our electroless plated diamond solutions to meet your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and value.

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