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PCBN, or polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is a flagship product of SPR Abrasives. Our products revolutionize the industry standard for superabrasive materials and surpass them with a superior resistance to cratering and abrasion. PCBN combines the hardness and wear resistance of CBN with the toughness provided by the binder phase. This unique combination of properties makes PCBN solids especially suited for machining hard and abrasive materials that are difficult to work with using conventional tool materials.

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The superior quality of PCBN

Our PCBN is unrivaled in its quality and variety of possible applications. Polycrystalline CBN is extremely hard, ensuring an outstanding wear resistance, even in abrasive environments. Thanks to the combination of cubic boron nitride powder and ceramic binders, PCBN can withstand temperatures up to 1.500°C, making it ideal for high-speed machining and cutting operations that generate significant heat. Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride exhibits excellent chemical stability as a superabrasive coating, especially when machining hard ferrous metals such as hardened steels, cast irons, and superalloys. Unlike PCD, which can react with these materials at high temperatures or scratch them, PCBN remains inert, preventing tool degradation and ensuring a longer lifespan. It also ensures an improved surface finish and has an incredible versatility and customizability. As such, our PCBN QBN Series finds its utility in a broad spectrum of industrial applications, from machining hardened steel in the automotive industry and cutting superalloys for aerospace applications to finishing cast irons for use in heavy machinery.

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