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When using diamond in the production of resin bond tools, our customers find the quality and stability of our products unmatched to any other. SPR Abrasives ensures this quality and stability through a rigorous sifting, cleaning, and calibrating process. Our company is a collaboration between three well-known companies in the superabrasive industry, American Superabrasives Corp., Gemmata, and Vollst├Ądt-Diamant. This combined expertise ensures unmatched products at competitive prices.

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High-quality diamond for resin bond tools

Resin bond tools with diamond are integral to industries that require precision machining and finishing. Their flexibility, ability to produce a high-quality finish, and adaptability to various materials make them a preferred choice for a broad range of grinding, cutting, and polishing tasks. We realize that using the best abrasives leads to manufacturing the best tools. Our customers are able to buy superabrasive powders in various grades and types from us, tailored to the capacities and requirements of their end-product. Our diamond abrasives can also be custom coated to enhance specific qualities and improve the properties of the resin bond tools, such as thermal management or self-sharpening characteristics.

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If you are looking for diamond products to apply in the manufacturing process of resin bond tools, trust our expertise and knowledge as a superabrasive manufacturer. Our seasoned team provides standard and non-standard solutions tailored to your application, be it in resin bond tools or vitrified bond tools. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all possibilities.

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