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When manufacturing vitrified bond tools, you only want the use the best base materials in your production process. At SPR Abrasives, we buy CBN and diamond powders, which are subjected to a rigorous cleaning, calibrating and sifting process. Afterward, we create abrasive powders and solids that our customers can choose to add a coating to. As such, our customers always have exactly the right base materials for their vitrified bond tools.

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Use the best material for vitrified bond tools

Producing vitrified bond tools involves a sophisticated process that combines abrasive grains with a vitrified (glass-like) binder to create a rigid and porous structure ideal for grinding and cutting applications. The quality of abrasive powders in a vitrified bond is crucial for several reasons, significantly impacting the overall performance, efficiency, and longevity of the abrasive tools. These grains are the primary cutting elements in grinding wheels, and their properties determine the tool’s ability to machine materials effectively. We provide both CBN abrasives and diamond products in a wide variety of grades and types so our customer is able to use the exact sort of abrasives that benefits their tools the most. Our consistent, high-quality base materials offer a higher cutting efficiency, better tool life, better surface finish quality, higher material compatibility, improved thermal stability and stability in performance. By using our products, our customers are able to manufacture vitrified bond tools of the highest operational excellence.

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As a superabrasive manufacturer, we are happy to provide our customers with both standard and tailormade solutions. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures grain size, shape, magnetic and other impurities, and electroless plating preparation all meet your requirements to create the perfect product. Do not hesitate to contact our seasoned team through our contact form and discuss all opportunities for your vitrified bond tools.

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